mars 2017
The Crucible

The Crucible


06/04/2017 - 20h

Luxembourg, Grand Théâtre de Luxembourg

(Malheureusement cet événement n'a pas de description en Français) In 17th Century Salem, a society defined by intolerance and patriarchy, a group of teenage girls are discovered conjuring spirits. Sordid accusations of witchcraft soon fly thick and fast as the girls play judge, jury and executioner - destroying lives and changing a community forever. As recent political developments in America threaten a return to the witch-hunting politics of the 1960s, The Queens Theatre, Hornchurch re-invigorates Arthur Miller's terrifying allegorical comment on McCarthyism in their thrilling new production. Celebrating the theatre's history by bringing together music and movement through a strong and ever-present ensemble cast, this atmospheric staging of a theatrical classic will chill audiences to the core. Enter the world of the Salem witch trials: a world of sensationalism, hysteria and the power of celebrity, and ask yourself how innocent we can be as we stand by and watch the drama unfold. Douglas Rintoul is always welcome at the Théâtres de la Ville. Not only does he deliver productions of the highest quality time and time again (Design for living, Closer, Invisible, As you like it), he is also committed to continuously developing his relationship with the venue. Now artistic director at The Queens in Hornchurch, he was immediately keen to co-produce Arthur Miller?s masterpiece The Crucible with the Grand Théâtre and include actors from Luxembourg in a production that will embark on an extensive UK-tour.

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