mars 2017
Electric Fridays - Big Opening

Electric Fridays - Big Opening


Du 03/03/2017 au 03/03/2018 - De 23h à 06h

Luxembourg, Golden Club

(Malheureusement cet événement n'a pas de description en Français) As Studio 21 closed it's doors (for now), house and techno is looking for a temporary home for the coming months! That's where Golden Luxembourg comes into play. The Club has been completly renovated, has a massive sound system an enterior smoking room and many other perks. As of next weekend, get ready for the Electric Fridays, hosted by Lauter Unfug, Pitch Mouvement, Miss Nat-H-Lee, Eastone, Saverio Rella, Chich and others. We'll open with our very best locals and expect some massive events with big headliners coming up! Line-Up Riven (TIME HAS CHANGED Records (official) / Lauter Unfug) Phat Eric (Lauter Unfug) Eastone (Sick Weird Rough) Double T (Pitch Mouvement) Jorge Ribenga (Pitch Mouvement) Chich (Modulhertz rec) Tony Panza Sav (Globalux) Kitchenguard (Rattyplates) Phonique (Rattyplates)

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Golden Club
1, rue Joseph Heintz
1722 Luxembourg


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7° / 20°

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