mai 2019
Open Day Superflott Camp Same Same but Diverse

Open Day Superflott Camp Same Same but Diverse

Autre, Enfants

Du 12/08/2018 au 12/08/2019 - De 16h30 à 19h30

Clairefontaine (B), Centre d'accueil Clairefontaine

(Malheureusement cet événement n'a pas de description en Français) CISV Luxembourg is proud to invite you to the Open Day of our Youth Meeting "CAMP SUPERFLOTT SAME SAME BUT DIVERSE" in Clairefontaine. The children, leaders and staff from Austria, Norway, The Netherlands , Germany, Israel and Luxembourg will open the Camp doors for a few hours to give you a short glance on what they are doing there: Where are they from? Why is CISV important for them? Why is the intercultural exchange with children from other countries so important? What have they learnt about diversity? What are the topics that matter to them? What did they plan for the two weeks they will spend together? Etc. etc. Are you curious? So come and ask them yourself and spent a few "Super flott" hours with us

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Centre d'accueil Clairefontaine
81, Rue du Cloître
6700 Clairefontaine (B)
+352 621 207 451
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